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Photocell and Sliding Doors


Self-Control of Movements.

Provides smooth transitions to different stages. Does not allow sudden and hard movements. Protectsitself with a short circuit system against malfunctions caused by all kinds of usage errors. With aseparate button input on the control panel, it can be opened from outside with remote control and passwordpanel.


Photocell and Sliding Doors
Photocell and Sliding Doors

System Features

  • One-way system
  • Winter status
  • Fully closed mode
  • Fully open mode
  • Ability to select functions
  • Opening speed control
  • Closing speed control
  • Braking feature on opening
  • Braking on closing and open time characteristics
  • Switching on and off automatically by radar or push-button signal
  • Manual opening protection when radar is canceled and fully closed


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