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Alnowall Movable Partition


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As it is known, there is a need for large meeting spaces in places such as hotels, hospitals,universities, cultural centers, wedding halls, theater halls, opera houses, and company headquarters wherepeople come together for various activities.  

Considering the future needs in these buildings with high investment costs, general assembly areas aredesigned and put into service with names such as conference hall, meeting hall, theater,  opera,wedding hall. 

Alnowall Movable Partition
Alnowall Movable Partition

System Features

When designing these halls, acoustic calculations should be made in order to distribute the soundevenly throughout the space with wall partition panels and movable partition wall systems in cases wheresound should not be dispersed, such as speeches, concerts accompanied by various instruments or singing.

When the acoustic calculation of a conference hall is made, it is possible to hear the sound on thestage equally from all parts of the hall.

Since the halls are designed for general needs, when different events are taking place at the sametime, they are divided within their overall acoustic value, making them suitable for smaller anddifferent interruptions.

The materials we use to temporarily create these divisions and to transform the hall back to itsoriginal state when the event is over are called movable partition walls.     

Moving partition walls and   partition systems  are panels consisting of variousmaterials (rock wool, wooden partition, sound insulation felts, cork sheets, wall partitionsystems, stainless steel sheet) that absorb and prevent the transmission of sound by making acousticcalculations, where materials that provide sound insulation are roughly lined in an aluminum profileframe carcass, and the outside is covered with protective materials such as chipboard, MDFlam. Thesepanels are stacked side by side to create a temporary fixed wall.  


Ballroom construction site of a hotel, H= 6.6 m. 2double swing doors.

Technically speaking, it is a system in which a rail on which the panels move one after the other issuspended and fixed to the steel construction. It is aimed to move the panels between two walls and onthe rail and to fix them to the ground and each other with the up and down movement of the slides.

In order to provide sound insulation, partition wall systems, partition systems and wall partitionpanels  and by pressing the records moving up and down on the upper and lower sides of thewall partition panels by pressing the floor and the rail on which it is hung by creating asound barrier and locking the last panel, a wall that provides fixed sound insulation isobtained.       

The width of the panels varies between 80-110 cm. The height can vary between 2,4 and 12 m. The maximumpanel height that our company has manufactured so far is 9.45 meters. Our movable partitions have beenpreferred in more than 100 hotels, hospitals, conference halls and wedding halls in our country.

To give an example for better understanding; movable partitions can be used on the floor undera 25 m wide space cage ceiling, as well as in projects that can turn into 8-10 sections in an areaof 1000 m2, each of which turns into classrooms where lessons are given, and when desired, all panelscan be collected in parking lots and the area can be turned into a conference hall.

The exterior surfaces of movable partition walls and wall partition systems are shapedaccording to the demands of the architects who realize the designs. Some panels are covered withembroidered slatted surfaces produced by furniture manufacturers, as well as projects with decorativesurfaces using mirror and stainless steel sheet materials, and the architect who makes the designdecision makes the design decision.  

Moving partition walls and wooden partitions are generally manufactured in the range of45 to 57 dB. A separate layer of inner material is needed for each dB. The choice of these materials isdetermined according to the acoustic calculation to be made.


Manufacturing Types of Movable Partition Walls

a. Manual (The fixing of the panels moved manually to the ground is provided by a cam mechanismor jack)

Our manual movable partition wall application in a hotel.

b. Semi-automatic (System in which the panel slides are moved by electric motor and the panelsare locked to each other with magnetized devices) 

Automatic movable partition wall.

c. Fully Automatic (These are the systems in which the panels are taken by the chain mechanismon the parka panels and then arranged in order by means of the same mechanism and turned into a fixedwall.)

As Altınbölme, we manufacture manual and semi-automatic movable partition walls. Although fullyautomatic systems are manufactured in the world, they are not preferred due to their very high costs.

Manual systems are manufactured with both sides full due to their internal mechanism systems.

Semi-automatic systems are manufactured up to 6 m high using double-sided jumbo glasses, thus creatinga wide field of vision between the two halls. A semi-automatic 15-meter wall can be opened and collectedin 1.5-2 minutes at most.

When the movable partition walls are fully closed, passages are made with single or double-leaf doors.As required by the regulations, some enterprises (30'-60') are required to be manufactured asfire-resistant. In this case, the panel surfaces are manufactured from fire-resistant materials andfire-resistant varnish is applied on them.

We always try to support our architects and project offices in the field of partition systemsand movable partition wall systems in their designs, we help them in their projects withpreliminary exploration and drawings.  


As it is known, there is a need for large-volume meeting spaces in places such as hotels, hospitals,universities, cultural centers, wedding halls, theater halls, opera houses, company headquarters,where people come together collectively with various activities.  

Considering the future needs of these buildings with high investment costs, general assembly areasare designed and put into service under the names of "conference hall", "meeting hall", "theater","opera", "wedding hall". 

When designing these halls, whether it is a speech, a concert accompanied by various instruments,singing, in order for the sound not to disperse, not toresound,  wall partition panelsand movablepartition wall systemsspaces are projected.


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