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HPL Wall Claddings


More Convenient,
Shock and Water Resistant

Among wood products, compact laminate has been an important discovery as an alternative material for wetareas.

Compact laminate is a material manufactured from particleboard by compressing it with special techniquesand preferred for wet areas in thicknesses of 6-8-10-12 mm. In addition to WC, bathroom and changingrooms, they are also used as ceiling and wall coverings.

HPL Wall Claddings
HPL Wall Claddings

System Features

They are usually manufactured in a limited number of colors without patterns. They are easy to processand more impact resistant than wood. 

When they are used for wet areas, the specifications emphasize the water resistance test. Projectauthors should be careful in this regard.

Long-lasting, maintenance-free, compact ceiling and compact wall coating applications that preserve theappearance of the day they are applied for many years, also produce excellent results for exteriorspaces.  

This product, which responds to every taste in terms of architecture, can be processed in a short timewith riveted, glued and agraphic application options and perfect results can be obtained.


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