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Locker Cabinets


More Secure,
More Useful

With Altinbölme locker room cabinets, you can forget about standards altogether.

Leave aside the old steel cabinets, thin cabinets with profiled doors, standardized cabinets with 2 - 3doors and all similar cabinet systems that do not produce solutions and are not purpose-built.

Contact us for locker room cabinets that appeal to the area of use, sector and user, provide the featuresrequired by pandemic conditions and are suitable for the intended use.

Locker Cabinets
Locker Cabinets

System Features

Altınbölme locker room cabinets are produced from fire-resistant and antibacterial material with panelsusing HPL, MDF or CDF in glass cabinet or compact laminate technology, depending on preference. Thesedifferentiate and enrich your use cases with personalized design solutions.

The design of thelocker room cabinets, which we can produce in different types and sizes according to your project, canbe separated into body and cover depending on preference, and we can offer more economical and aestheticsolution alternatives.

System Details

Hinge Detail

Foot / leg Detail

Hanger Detail

CNC Culvert Detail

Detail of Oval Hanging Pipe

Lock Detail

Handle Detail

Numerator Detail

Accessory Details

Stainless Steel Foot/leg

Aluminum Leg

Standard Master Lock

Combination Lock 200D Silver

Combination Lock 200D Bronze

Combination Lock 200D Black

Latch Lock 1001KS/M

Stainless Handle

Aluminum Handle

Hinge MDF

Hinge Compact

Pipe with 3 Straps/ Hangers

Anchor Hanger

Plastic Culvert


Aluminum Numerator

Stainless Numerator

Plexi Numerator

USB Charger Unit


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