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Transforming Your Spaces with Diversity: Surface Options in Modern Partition Wall Systems with Alnowall


Partition wall systems play a crucial role in modern space arrangements by combining flexibility and aesthetic coherence, as well as defining functional areas. Alnowall offers stylish and functional partition wall solutions suitable for every space with its wide range of surface options.


Here are the offered surface options and their features:


  1. Wood Veneer Partition Wall

Wood veneer is used to add natural warmth and richness to spaces. Combined with the 'wood veneer glass partition' system, where sustainability and natural texture are preferred, it can also provide brightness and openness to spaces.

  1. Chrome Partition Wall

Chrome coating is ideal for spaces looking for a modern and chic look. Durable and stainless, chrome surfaces add a sophisticated atmosphere to spaces with their shiny and reflective properties.


  1. Gold Partition Wall

Coatings in gold tones, the 'gold partition wall', offer a look that is the symbol of luxury and nobility. This coating is especially preferred in prestigious areas and creates a striking effect.


  1. Satine Surface Partition Wall

The 'satine surface partition wall', offering a matte finish, creates a calmer and more elegant atmosphere by reducing reflection. It also minimizes undesirable visuals such as stains and fingerprints.


  1. Stainless Partition

'Stainless partition' coatings are perfect for spaces where hygiene is important. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them an ideal choice for heavily used areas.


  1. Painted Partition Wall

'Painted partition wall' options offer a wide color scale to add a personal touch to spaces. Especially the 'ral partition wall', based on the RAL color system, ensures a consistent and quality color application.


  1. PVB Coated Partition Wall and Glass Partition

Offering additional features from sound insulation to security, the 'PVB coated partition wall' and 'PVB coated glass partition' enhance functionality as well as aesthetics and can be personalized with various color and pattern options.


  1. Transfer Print Partition Wall and Glass Partition

'Transfer print partition wall' and 'transfer print glass partition' techniques offer unique solutions for personalized designs and brand identities. Special patterns, logos, or artistic visuals can add a unique atmosphere to your spaces.


Application and Functionality


  1. Wood Veneer Partition Wall: Wood veneer has a wide range of uses from hotel lobbies to meeting rooms in offices. The warmth of natural wood veneer creates a warm and inviting environment for guests.

  2. Chrome Partition Wall: Chrome coating adapts everywhere from contemporary art galleries to modern business centers. Its shiny and bright surface adds a modern touch to spaces.

  3. Gold Partition Wall: Chosen for prestigious spaces like luxury stores and executive offices, gold coating provides a rich and sophisticated look.

  4. Satine Surface Partition Wall: Satine coating softens sunlight and offers a calm atmosphere, making it ideal for relaxation areas and spas.

  5. Stainless Partition: Designed for use in areas where hygiene is important, like kitchens and hospitals. Its easy-to-clean feature makes maintenance practical.

  6. Painted Partition Wall: Painted partition walls are preferred in colorful and energetic environments like schools, nurseries, and creative workspaces. The RAL color system can accurately apply any desired tone.

  7. PVB Coated Partition Wall and Glass Partition: PVB coatings are ideal for spaces where privacy and sound insulation are important, like banks and law firms. They also contribute to the overall design of the space with colorful and patterned options.

  8. Transfer Print Partition Wall and Glass Partition: Transfer printed partition walls are perfect for areas where customized designs are in the foreground, like personal art galleries or thematic restaurants.


Final Thoughts


Each coating type has been specially selected and applied within Alnowall's area of expertise. You can benefit from our professional consultancy service for functional and aesthetic partition wall solutions suitable for your space, and receive support at every step of the project process. 

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