Do not build a wall between you - We will design and divide WC cabins in wet areas with cubicle toilet partions systems. In WC cubicle toilet partions systems, we can project and divide your spaces from 12mm to 40mm thickness or even 100mm thickness. Or, at your discretion, we have options of saving space, saving brick, plaster and ceramic workmanship with 12mm Compact Laminate cabin or 6 + 6 Laminated Glass. For more special and personalized solutions, we can design and divide our products with our 40mm and 100mm systems, by using HPL technology with Compact laminate system /or glass aesthetics with painted glass, more isolated, reliable, aesthetic and premium systems.
WC cubicle toilet partions can be applied with any panel or glass color you want in all systems, as well as allowing you to make a color and system combination. Altınbölme wc helps you to provide hygienic and spacious areas in addition to making a difference in wet volume areas with cubicle partions systems. With Altınbölme Systems, you can get service with special solutions that are economical, personalized or completely hygienic. Unlike the companies in the Wet Area sector, we cannot compromise on our quality standards and principles in providing service with ALTINBÖLME teams from the Completely Project and Manufacturing stage to the assembly and application point.